G.H Bass: The Story

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Established in 1876 in Maine, USA, G.H.BASS is a global lifestyle brand rooted in timely and timeless classics. The brand offers premium and intentional footwear, apparel, and accessories for men, women, kids and home. Embodying a rich legacy of purpose-built products, G.H.BASS remains a modern American icon.

the weejun

Over its nearly 150-year legacy, G.H.BASS has introduced numerous original footwear icons to generations of outdoor sportsmen, explorers, and cultural tastemakers. Notably, in 1936, BASS put a stylish spin on a Norwegian farm shoe designed for “loafing in the field,” and playfully dubbed them Weejuns®️—introducing the world’s first penny loafer.

Cultural Legacy of the Weejun

Because of the versatile and adaptable nature of the Weejuns' design, the shoe has found itself at home in the closets of many varied subcultures and stylish artistic movements since its inception. Weejuns penny loafers have graced the feet of everyone from James Dean and John F. Kennedy to scruffy London punks and even scruffier Tennessee rockabillies, and continue to be worn by fashion trendsetters across the globe.

contemporary classics

Today, more than ever, the spirit of BASS lives on. We believe that looking forward is the best way to honor our heritage. We are on an unceasing quest for improvement through craft and creativity. We continue to reimagine authentic ways to combine the classics with the contemporary, keeping BASS where it belongs: at the forefront of culture.